Coinbase customers can now convert cryptomaps to fiat and send to Visa and Mastercard

New Coinbase upgrade speeds up conversion of cryptomorphs into cash

Coinbase customers can now convert cryptomaps to fiat and send to Visa and MastercardNOT√ćCIAS cards

Coinbase has revealed a faster way for its customers to move digital coins into their bank accounts.

The crypto platform now enables faster cash withdrawals in 40 different countries, Coinbase wrote in a blog post in October.

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„Customers in the US, UK and Europe can withdraw funds with a linked Visa debit card,“ the post said. „In the United States, customers will also be able to withdraw funds with their Mastercard.

This new feature incurs an additional charge of 1.5% on US users, while EU and UK participants pay a slightly higher fee of 2%.

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Under normal circumstances, the transfer of cryptomime exchange trustees takes from one to five working days to be settled on the back-end of the bank involved.

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This means that users should wait this period of time Immediate Bitcoin before using the money taken from exchanges. This new Coinbase option speeds up the process by using a payment card, providing funds to spend instantly.

Part of the value kept in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is their efficiency and transaction speed.

Bitcoin, for example, does not take as long as banks to fully transfer for later use.

Using Bitcoin, however, sometimes requires interaction with traditional banking systems, which operate at a slower speed. With this update, Coinbase has increased the speed of this process before without haste.